What is Google’s Terrifying Gemini AI Project Ellmann?

Google is said to be working on a top-secret Gemini AI project called Ellmann. Here’s what we know and why it’s important.

CNBC reported on Project Ellmann’s existence, claiming to have seen documents related to the initiative used to present at an internal company summit. A product manager for Google Photos, along with representatives from its Gemini teams, reportedly delivered the presentation.

What is Google’s Terrifying Gemini AI Project Ellmann

The AI assistant will ingest your personal photos, documents you may have stored in a Google account, and other contextual information available on the web in order to effectively tell “your life story.” This will then be fed into Ellmann Chat, a Gemini-powered chatbot that will provide responses that are personalized to an unprecedented degree.

Examples given include deducing that you like pasta based on the presence of Italian food in many of your photos, which sounds a little like Google Photos’ current Memories feature having a fireside chat with Big Brother. The end result will be more than just better restaurant recommendations, according to Google’s presentation, with Ellmann eventually knowing when you were born, who your parents were, and if you have any siblings – even if it didn’t directly ingest these facts.

Is Gemini x Project Ellmann a Potential ChatGPT Killer?

If these reports are true, the burgeoning ChatGPT vs. Gemini rivalry could be in for many more unexpected and dramatic twists in 2024 and beyond.

Google launched its latest AI large language model (LLM) earlier this month to much fanfare, only to be met with controversy after it was revealed that the Gemini hands-on video was staged.

Currently, Google is rolling out the most recent version of Gemini to Bard, its publicly available AI chatbot, while customers license and develop it.

Project Ellmann and Your Privacy

Of course, it will take much more than a backroom presentation to decide ChatGPT vs. Bard once and for all, but news of Project Ellmann is likely to raise a few eyebrows at OpenAI (which owns ChatGPT).

It is also likely to raise eyebrows among the general public. Google acquiring new AI superpowers in order to learn everything there is to know about, well, everyone, is unlikely to be a purely charitable endeavor.

Knowing more about you, like knowing more about Google’s current stockpile of data on its users, ultimately serves to better inform not only what Google tells you but also what it shows you in terms of advertising and ecommerce. Considering the company’s less-than-stellar track record in personal privacy matters and the current Wild West of AI ethics, Project Ellmann is likely to ignite a few tinfoil hats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Google’s Gemini used for?

Gemini’s uses are diverse and exciting:

  • Creative writing: Gemini can write poems, scripts, musical pieces, and even code based on your prompts.
  • Informative answering: Ask Gemini anything, from complex scientific queries to casual trivia, and it will provide comprehensive and relevant responses.
  • Language translation: Gemini can translate between 38 languages accurately and smoothly.
  • AI-powered applications: Developers can integrate Gemini into their apps to add advanced language capabilities.

2. Is Google’s Gemini app safe?

Google Gemini is not an app, but rather a powerful large language model (LLM) developed by Google AI. Think of it as a super-powered language engine capable of various tasks, like generating text, translating languages, writing different kinds of creative content, and answering your questions in an informative way.

Gemini itself is not an app and therefore doesn’t have the same security concerns as apps. However, it runs on Google’s secure data centers and is subject to rigorous safety measures. Google emphasizes responsible AI development and aims to prevent misuse.

3. Is Gemini AI free?

Yes, Gemini offers a free access tier suitable for most app development needs. This means developers can experiment and integrate Gemini’s basic functionalities into their apps without cost. For more advanced uses and higher usage volumes, paid plans are available.

4. How do I use Google Gemini AI?

Currently, Gemini is primarily accessible through Google AI Studio, a platform for building AI-powered applications. Developers can use Gemini’s API to integrate its capabilities into their apps. While not directly available to the public yet, Google is exploring ways to make Gemini more accessible in the future.

5. What did Google’s AI say about the meaning of life?

As a large language model, Gemini avoids offering definitive answers to philosophical questions like the meaning of life. It actively provides information and accomplishes tasks based on the vast amount of data it has been trained on. However, it can certainly generate creative takes on such questions based on different perspectives and philosophies.

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