15 Best AI Summarization Tools of 2024

Hey there tech enthusiasts! 🚀 Ever find yourself drowning in a sea of information and desperately wishing for a magical tool to sift through the noise? Well, buckle up because we’ve got your back! Today, we’re diving into the realm of artificial intelligence and unveiling the 15 Best AI Summarization Tools of 2024 that are about to become your new best friends in the world of information overload. Say goodbye to the days of drowning in lengthy articles or reports – these nifty tools are here to help you stay afloat with concise, crystal-clear summaries. Ready to embark on this AI-powered journey? Let’s roll! 🌐💡

What is an Article Summary?

In simple terms, summarizing an article means making it shorter while keeping the main idea. It involves leaving out unnecessary sentences and words without changing the core message.

Most AI summary generators aim to shrink the original text and provide a readable summary. This not only aids readers in quickly going through long content but also helps students grasp essential information.

Free summarizers have basic features, but paid AI tools offer more than just summaries. They assist in paraphrasing, detecting plagiarism, and translating the summary into different languages.

To put it differently, these tools not only condense information but also offer additional functionalities.

What to Consider in Choosing Article Summary Generators? 

If you’re looking to summarize either a lengthy article or just a few paragraphs, a quick Google search for ‘best summary generators‘ will yield over a million results. Sorting through this vast array can be overwhelming, but fear not. This section will highlight key factors to help you pick the ideal AI tool for your needs.

Transitioning to the Selection Process:

When faced with numerous options, it’s crucial to consider a few factors for a well-informed decision.

  • High Flexibility: Not every AI summary generator is adept at summarizing both short and long articles effectively. Opt for a tool that allows you to specify the desired summary length.
  • Quality Output: Choose an article summarizer that delivers relevant and high-quality results. The tool should demonstrate the ability to comprehend the context in which words are used.
  • Multilingual Capability: While most generators excel at generating English summaries, it’s advisable to select a tool that supports multiple languages for summarizing content in languages other than English.
  • URL Support: For those times when you want to summarize a web page, a generator with URL support is preferable to the tedious process of copying and pasting the entire page.

In conclusion, by focusing on flexibility, output quality, multilingual support, and URL compatibility, you can narrow down your choices and find the AI summary generator that best suits your requirements.

What Are the Best AI Summarization Tools?

The best AI tools for summarizing writing are those that use machine learning to extract the key elements of an article and present them to you in simple to understand and clear contexts.

I spent 72+ hours trying and testing the number of generic and news article summary generators in order to shortlist the top 15.

15. Frase — Best for Creative Summary Generation 

If you want to create a creative summary for a short article, check out Frase. It’s intended to keep the articles to 600-700 words.

Frase - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

Unlike other free tools that display advertisements on the main interface, Frase provides an ad-free experience. The summary maker employs advanced algorithms to efficiently condense the main points.

I tested Frase’s free summary generator and was impressed with the separate title and section category. With an affordable basic plan, the output was of high quality.


  • Adjustable Creativity Level:
    You can set the level of creativity of the output text from 1 to 5.
  • Bulleted Output:
    It quickly generates a summary in bullet points.
  • Frase’s proprietary AI model:
    Rather than relying on GPT-3 or other AI algorithms, it provides custom features and greater flexibility.

Pros and Cons

  • Frase lets you generate high-quality SEO content in minutes.
  • Most Frase features are available in the free plan.
  • The results are generally accurate and reliable.
  • Frase does not provide multi-language support.
  • It has limited to no integrations.
  • Unlimited summaries are available only in the team plan, which is expensive.

Bottom Line

Frase distinguishes itself by offering an ad-free experience, utilizing advanced algorithms for efficient summarization. With an adjustable creativity level and bulleted output, it caters to diverse preferences. While its proprietary AI model enhances flexibility, the absence of multi-language support and limited integrations may be drawbacks. The free plan covers most features, making Frase a valuable tool for generating high-quality SEO content, but for unlimited summaries, users may need to opt for the relatively costly team plan.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan
    • Solo Plan: $14.99 per month
    • Basic Plan: $44.99 per month
    • Team Plan: $114.99 per month 

14. Sassbook — Best for Long Research Papers

You can never go wrong with Sassbook if you need an advanced AI summarizer tool. It allows you to summarize approximately 2.5 pages or 6250 characters for free.

If you upgrade to a paid plan, however, you can condense research papers to 20 pages or 50,000 characters, which is quite impressive.

Sassbook - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

Sassbook, unlike other article summary generators, customizes AI summaries based on method and target size. For example, you can summarize the text in an abstractive (human-like) or extractive (AI-like) tone.


  • Set Target Size:
    You can summarize the text in small, best, verbose, or custom formats using the Sassbook research article summary generator.
  • Developer API:
    This ensures that users can fully automate their content summarization workflows using free credits.
  • Demo Mode:
    You can select sample text to summarize and become acquainted with the features.

Pros and Cons

  • Sassbook is a modern AI that creates summaries like a human expert.
  • You can send your suggestions and feedback in the box provided.
  • It can summarize short and large documents effortlessly.
  • A few advanced features can only be unlocked with the paid plan.
  • Sometimes the tool adds unnecessary verbiage.
  • The paid plan can be expensive for some users who do not require the AI tool frequently.

Bottom Line

Sassbook stands out as an advanced AI summarizer tool, offering a generous free plan that allows users to summarize around 2.5 pages or 6250 characters. The paid plans, however, provide impressive capabilities, allowing users to condense research papers up to 20 pages or 50,000 characters. Unlike other generators, Sassbook allows customization of AI summaries based on method and target size, offering flexibility in tone—abstractive (human-like) or extractive (AI-like).


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan:
    • Standard Plan: $32.5 per month, and it is billed yearly
    • Premium Plan: $49.16 per month, and it is billed yearly

13. Rephrase — Best for Basic Summarizing 

Assume you’ve written a long-form text and want to shorten it. In this case, you can make use of Resumizer, an online summary generator.

The article summary generator scans the text quickly and generates a shorter output without using creative recombination.

Rephrase - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

Due to a lack of creativity, Re’s summarizer is not well-recommended for professionals. It can, however, help you with quick basic summarizing.


  • The fastest summary generator:
    Simply copy and paste the text, and the generator will generate a summary in seconds.
  • Supports Multiple Languages:
    You can use Re to summarize text in English, Italian, German, French, Dutch, and other languages.
  • Additional Tools:
    With a single click, you can check for plagiarism or paraphrase the text.

Pros and Cons

  • Rephrase is suitable if you want to change only the text length.
  • It is a free tool with basic features.
  • It can summarize essays, research projects, books, etc.
  • Although the tool is free, it is basic and lacks advanced options like changing summary length.
  • The summary produced is the combination of words from the input text with no originality.
  • No word limit is indicated, but the AI tool is a less practical solution for longer text.

Bottom Line

Resumizer serves as an online summary generator ideal for those looking to condense lengthy texts quickly. The tool scans the text efficiently and generates a concise output without employing creative recombination. While lacking in creativity, Resumizer is recommended for basic summarization needs, making it suitable for quick and straightforward text condensation.


  • Weekly Plan: $7 per week
  • Monthly Plan: $20 per month
  • Annual Plan: $150 per year

12. PrepostSEO Summarizing Tool — Best for Short-Form Articles 

The summarizing tool is an AI-powered text summary generator that provides a high-level overview of the entire context. Assume you need to read a 1000-word article but are short on time. PrepostSEO summarizing tool comes to the rescue in this case.

PrepostSEO - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

This journal article summary generator allows you to create headlines that are both brief and impressive. If you’re a journalist, for example, you can use PrepostSEO’s summarizing tool to summarize a full-day event in a few paragraphs.


  • Sentence Length:
    You can generate summaries by defining words or percentages.
  • Supports Multiple Languages:
    This option allows you to summarize text in more than ten different languages.
  • Show Bullets/Sentences:
    The summarizing tool in PrepostSEO allows you to convert the translated text into bullet points or sentences.

Pros and Cons

  • The summarizing tool uses informative sentences to generate a summary and automatically proofreads the writing.
  • The AI algorithm gives sentences a score based on accuracy, optimization, word selection, and structure.
  • It allows you to summarize 2500 words at once.
  • PrepostSEO might not be suitable if you want to summarize articles longer than 2500 words.
  • You cannot import audio or videos. 
  • The AI summarizer option can condense only 1500 words at a time.

Bottom Line

The PrepostSEO summarizing tool proves invaluable for time-strapped readers, offering an efficient AI-powered solution for generating high-level overviews of lengthy articles. With the ability to create concise and impressive headlines, this tool caters to professionals like journalists who need to summarize extensive content, such as full-day events, in just a few paragraphs.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan:
    • Basic Plan: $10 per month
    • Standard Plan: $20 per month
    • Company Plan: $45 per month

11. Paraphraser.io — All in One Package

If you’re looking for an affordable platform that gives you access to all the AI tools in one package – instead of having multiple options – Paraphrasing.io could be a great solution for you.

Paraphraser.io - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

Paraphraser.io strives to deliver high-quality, human paraphrasing, even though it is an AI tool. Paraphraser.io boasts that its program runs faster than other AI-based summary generators because it provides more readable and grammatically correct content.


  • User friendly
  • Fast results
  • Plagiarism-free and quality results

Pros and Cons

  • Comprehensive Access:
    Paraphrasing.io provides a single package with access to all AI summarizing tools, simplifying user choices.
  • Affordable Pricing:
    Flexible pricing options, including a monthly plan at $9 and an annual plan at $5.75, cater to various budgets, making it cost-effective for students.
  • Cross-Device Compatibility:
    The platform is accessible on iOS and Android devices, offering convenience and flexibility for users on the go.
  • AI Accuracy Dependency:
    Effectiveness relies on AI accuracy, and occasional limitations may result in inaccuracies or difficulty capturing nuanced meanings.
  • Limited Information on AI:
    The platform lacks detailed information about its AI technology, leaving users without insights into the underlying algorithms.
  • Lack of Customization:
    There’s no mention of customization features, limiting user control over the paraphrasing process and potentially excluding those who seek more fine-tuned outputs.

Bottom Line

For those seeking an affordable and comprehensive AI tool package, Paraphrasing.io stands out. Providing access to all AI summarizing tools in a single package, it simplifies user choices. The platform prioritizes readability and grammatical correctness, claiming faster performance than other AI-based summary generators.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan:
    • Basic
      • Weekly: $7 per week (Christmas Sale), otherwise $9 per week
      • Monthly: $7 per month
      • Yearly: $5 per month ($60 annually)
    • Enterprise
      • Enterprise 1: $35 – Validity (30 days)
      • Enterprise 2: $100 – Validity (90 days)
      • Enterprise 3: $150 – Validity (365 days)
    • Other
      • Monthly Plan: $20
      • Yearly Plan: $150

10. Study Crumb — Specially Made for Students

Study Crumb is an AI tool created specifically for students who need assistance writing academic papers. This tool “Study Crumb” allows you to order essays and various reports based on your needs, from book reports to term papers. The AI program matches you with a writer who specializes in the type of writing you require.

Study Crumb - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

Study Crumb is a platform that provides you with an original article or academic writing rather than a summarizing tool. Having said that, you could use the summarizing tool by requesting that type of writing.


  • 100% unique content
  • Small revisions and corrections
  • Flexible pricing

Pros and Cons

  • Study Crumb offers personalized matching with expert writers for students needing help with various academic writing tasks.
  • The platform caters to a range of academic projects, providing a comprehensive solution for different subjects and assignments.
  • Study Crumb’s adaptable pricing considers factors like work type, academic level, page count, and turnaround time, accommodating diverse user needs and budgets.
  • While it can be used for summarizing, Study Crumb is focused on generating original academic content, making it less ideal for users seeking dedicated summarizing tools.
  • A one-page summary is a premium feature with an extra cost, potentially increasing the overall expense for users.
  • Users may need to dig for details on the website, indicating a potential need for improved transparency about services, features, and pricing.

Bottom Line

It’s an intriguing concept that can help students and professionals who need academic writing done – but you can also use it to have these professional writers create academic summaries.

It is reasonably priced, but after some research on the website, I discovered that a one-page summary is an optional premium feature that must be added to the essay order.


  • Depends on Urgency
    • If you want your project in 14 days, then $9.09
    • If in 3 days, then $10.46
    • If in 3 hours, then $20.37

9. Genei — World Leading Summary Tool

Genei is a “world-leadingsummary tool that extracts keywords and key sentences from any long article or research paper. This type of AI summary tool is useful not only for college students conducting research, but also for those who write research papers or longer content and are unsure what to emphasize with bullet points in a summary.

Genei - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

Genei takes pride in being trusted by thought leaders and AI experts like Berkeley University, Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford, among others. It is an AI summarizer tool designed to take the main ideas from a piece of content and summarize text into easily digestible content in order to save time.


  • Summarize any passage of text
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Pro and basic plans to fit your needs.
  • Export your summaries and paraphrases

Pros and Cons

  • Advanced Summarization:
    Genei excels at extracting key points and keywords from lengthy articles, making it ideal for efficient content digestion.
  • Trusted by Reputable Institutions:
    Endorsed by Berkeley University, Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford, Genei is trusted by thought leaders and AI experts.
  • Tailored Plans:
    Genei offers flexible plans, with the Basic plan at euro 9.99/month for students and professionals and the Pro plan at euro 29.99/month with advanced features.
  • Subscription Cost:
    The Pro plan is relatively expensive at euro 29.99/month, potentially limiting accessibility for some users.
  • Euro and Dollar Pricing:
    The pricing is in euros and dollars, which may be less convenient for users outside the eurozone and the American region.
  • Limited Free Version:
    No mention of a free version, limiting trial options for users before committing to a subscription.

Bottom Line

Genei gives you access to their synthesis and paraphrasing tools to isolate meaningful sentences and main ideas of a piece of text.

It offers basic and professional packages to suit a wide range of budgets and AI technology aimed at helping you save time when reading a research paper or longer texts.

You can enable Genei in your browser extension to quickly access their text summaries on any website.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Basic: £9.99 per month and Annually £7.99 per month
  • Pro: £29.99 per month and Annually £24.99 per month

8. Jasper.ai — AI copilot for enterprise marketing teams

Jasper is a fantastic writing tool that offers an extensive number of features in terms of writing. Jasper not only specializes in blog content, but it also functions as a text summarizer, allowing you to highlight the most important lines of text.

Jasper - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld


  • AI-based paragraph summarizer and generator
  • Sentence expander – to turn short sentences into ones that make an impact
  • Flexible pricing plans

Pros and Cons

  • Jasper offers a wide range of features for various types of writing, specializing in blog content and providing a text summarizer tool.
  • The tool utilizes advanced AI for paragraph summarization, helping users extract key information efficiently.
  • Jasper’s customizable paid plans cater to different needs, with options like Creator Mode and Teams, allowing users to adjust based on their content generation requirements.
  • The Business plan has custom pricing, which may be less transparent and potentially less accessible for users seeking this level of service.
  • The overview lacks detailed information on specific features such as the AI-based paragraph summarizer and the sentence expander, leaving users curious about the tool’s capabilities.

Bottom Line

Jasper is one of the most popular AI tools for writing – even if you’re not a writer of blogs or longer content, their summary tool allows you to still use its AI technology.

This Text Summarization Tool can take the entire content and extract the most important points using advanced AI.

Jasper offers paid plans that are customizable based on the amount of content you plan to create, making it easy to adjust as you go.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan:
    • Creator: $39 per month
    • Teams: $99 per month

7. TLDR This — Best Summary Generator for Technical Content

TLDR This can help you eliminate information overload whether you’re a technical content writer, a voracious reader, or a researcher. The free article summary generator can convert articles into concise and easy-to-digest summaries.

TLDR This - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

With just a few mouse clicks, you can generate AI-generated advanced summaries. To generate advanced summaries, simply paste the article link into the ‘Enter Article URL’ section or the text into the ‘Paste Article Text’ section.


  • Customization of Summary Length:
    With TLDR This, you can change the summary length from short/concise to detailed/section-wise.
  • Keyword Detection:
    The AI tool lists the article’s important keywords so you don’t have to look them up yourself.
  • TLDR AI (Human-Like) Summaries:
    Users can create advanced human-like summaries with this paid version.

Pros and Cons

  • Chrome and Firefox browser extensions let you summarize any webpage in a single click. 
  • The article summary generator extracts the title, reading time, author and date information, related images, etc., in one place. 
  • It eliminates ads, graphics, pop-ups, and other online distractions to promote focused reading. 
  • You’ll need to sign up to get advanced human-like summaries. 
  • The summary history feature is only available to paid users. 
  • You’ll get priority customer support only in the expensive professional plan. 

Bottom Line

is a free article summary generator designed to combat information overload for technical content writers, avid readers, and researchers. The tool swiftly converts articles into concise, easily digestible summaries through a simple process—paste the article link or text and generate advanced summaries.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan:
    • Starter Plan: $4.00 per month
    • Professional Plan: $8.25 per month
    • Business Plan: $16.60 per month

6. Resoomer — Best for Argumentative Texts

Resoomer is an excellent tool for creating argumentative article summaries. By pasting the text or URL of your article into Resoomer, you can quickly summarize it.

Resoomer - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

The AI tool is ideal for condensing key ideas and facts in documents in a single click. Aside from text-based inputs, the paid plan allows you to summarize YouTube courses and lectures in multiple languages.

However, it displays a lot of ads, which can be annoying at times. The user interface can be clumsy, making things more difficult.


  • Multilingual Support:
    Resoomer supports a variety of languages, including English, Indonesian, German, Spanish, and others.
  • Summary Modes:
    It has several modes to choose from, including assisted, automatic, manual, optimized, and text analysis.
  • Direct Share:
    You can export the summarized content to social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Pros and Cons

  • You can summarize, translate, and rewrite the content in one place. 
  • It is a free tool with no character limit, so you don’t have to spend money to start. 
  • You can separate keywords or topics in the summarized text. 
  • The user interface of Resoomer is bulky and full of ads. 
  • There is no character limit for summarizing, but it may not suit lengthy PDFs. 
  • You can translate by selecting a file and importing an image or YouTube video. However, it has less accuracy.

Bottom Line

Resoomer is a powerful tool for crafting argumentative article summaries. By inputting the text or URL into Resoomer, users can swiftly summarize articles, condensing key ideas and facts with a single click. The tool is versatile, allowing summarization of YouTube courses and lectures in multiple languages, although it comes with the drawback of displaying frequent ads and a somewhat cumbersome user interface.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan:
    • Starter: $4 per month
    • Professional: $8.25 per month

5. Scholarcy — Best for Summarizing Research Papers

Another popular text summarizing tool on the market is Scholarcy. You can copy and paste the content of your article or upload a document from your device. One feature that distinguishes Scholarcy from other article summary generators is the ‘Summary Flashcard.’

Scholarcy - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

The flashcard format ensures that the information is neatly organized into sections such as key concepts, highlights, summaries, and abstracts. You can also enter an open-access URL or DOI to summarize any published page.


  • Interactive Flashcard Format:
    The interactive flashcard format summarizes the article in different categories to provide quick access to information.
  • Comparative Analysis:
    This function allows you to quickly see how a study compares to previous research.
  • Import Options:
    Scholarcy allows you to download and import your flashcards into your favorite knowledge management tools, such as Roam, Notion, and Obsidian.

Pros and Cons

  • Scholarcy has a modern interface, making it easy to use. 
  • The information is summarized in an easy-to-access and concise manner. 
  • You can conveniently summarize an article via URL, upload a file, or paste the text. 
  • You’ll need to sign up with an account to use the free version of Scholarcy.
  • It only lets you summarize three articles for free. 
  • The export function is only available with a paid plan. 

Bottom Line

Scholarcy is a prominent text summarizing tool that stands out with its distinctive ‘Summary Flashcard‘ feature. Users can copy and paste article content or upload a document for summarization. The flashcard format neatly organizes information into key concepts, highlights, summaries, and abstracts, offering a unique and interactive summarization experience.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan:
    • Monthly Subscription: $9.99 per month
    • Yearly Subscription: $90 per year

4. Summarizer.org — Best Summary Generator with No Limits 

I recently used Summarizer to rewrite information into shorter versions and found it to be satisfactory. There are no word or daily limits with this free summarizer tool, so you can summarize as much text as you want.

Summerizer.org - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

Summarizer guarantees complete data security and privacy. This means that the tool does not save any of the user’s information. Furthermore, the AI tool allows you to control summary length, allowing you to tailor the final output to your specific requirements.


  • Set Summary Length:
    Using the scroll bar, you can manually set the summary length with the summarizer tool.
  • Show Bullet Points:
    You can generate a bullet-point summary by clicking the ‘Show Bullets’ button.
  • Supports Multiple Languages:
    Summarizer supports multiple languages and can generate summaries in six different languages.

Pros and Cons

  • Summarizer’s ‘Best Line’ option works by crawling the entire text and writing the best lines. 
  • The advanced AI techniques extract the key sentences and phrases. 
  • You can download the summarized file in .docx format.
  • The tool’s interface has a lot of ads. 
  • It only supports summarization of file types like .txt, .pdf, and .docx. 
  • It lacks certain advanced features like plagiarism checkers. 

Bottom Line

Summarizer proved to be a satisfactory tool for rewriting information into shorter versions during my recent use. The free summarizer tool comes without word or daily limits, allowing users to summarize text without constraints. Additionally, Summarizer prioritizes data security and privacy by not saving user information. The AI tool offers control over summary length, enabling tailored outputs based on specific requirements.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan:
    • Weekly: $3 per week
    • Monthly: $5 per month
    • Yearly: $35 per year

3. ChatGPT — The Allrounder

The much-desired artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT is also useful for summarizing lengthy text. It’s easy to summarize content with ChatGPT; just use text prompts like “Summarize the following text in 600 words” and then enter the text you want to summarize, and you’ll get the condensed version of the information quickly. This makes it simple to obtain a summary of articles, PDFs, papers, essays, and so on.

Chatgpt - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

The major disadvantage of using ChatGPT to summarize papers is that it only accepts text-based input and does not support files in document formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word, and TXT without the usage of an API.


  • Get summaries from book or chapter directly without text inputting
  • Use the internet information to further expand the queries
  • Get human-like summary text from Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Pros and Cons

  • ChatGPT is adaptable for a range of tasks, from answering questions to creative content generation.
  • Its interface is easy for users to interact with, making it accessible to a diverse audience.
  • OpenAI actively refines and updates the model based on user feedback, ensuring ongoing enhancements.
  • Limited to information up to its last update in January 2022, it may not provide the latest information on real-time events.
  • Like all models, ChatGPT can exhibit biases and generate inaccurate information, raising concerns about ethical use and misinformation.
  • It may lack nuanced understanding, leading to responses that, while coherent, may miss the full context of a conversation.

Bottom Line

OpenAI’s ChatGPT offers impressive versatility and user-friendliness, making it a valuable tool for various applications. While it continuously improves through updates, users should be mindful of its limitations, including potential biases, lack of real-time knowledge, and occasional challenges in grasping complex contexts. Careful and responsible use is crucial to harness its strengths while mitigating potential drawbacks.


  • Free Plan
  • Plus Plan: $20 per month

2. SMMRY — Best for Long Articles

SMMRY is a popular and free AI-based article summarizer available online. You can summarize as much as you want without limitations or payment up front.

Smmry - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

The tool has a clean UI (user interface) that is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

The customization process is one feature that makes SMMRY an excellent choice. You can change the summary to focus on a specific topic or theme.


  • Heat Map
    SMMRY colors the sentences based on their importance. For example, the most important sentences are highlighted in red, while the least important are highlighted in yellow.
  • Free API
    You can generate 100 inquiries per day using the free API.
  • Remove Unnecessary Text
    SMMRY’s AI algorithm shortens the article by removing unnecessary clauses, transition phrases, and examples.

Pros and Cons

  • You can change the sentence length of the summary from 1 to 99. 
  • It has an easy-to-use design with a lot of features. 
  • You can copy-paste the text, upload the file, or insert the URL. 
  • Sometimes headers are retained in the generated summary. 
  • It might be inaccurate at times. 
  • It does not have in-built plagiarism and grammar checkers. 

Bottom Line

SMMRY is a popular and free online AI-based article summarizer, allowing unlimited summarization without upfront payments. With a clean and user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and professionals, SMMRY stands out for its customization options, enabling users to focus the summary on specific topics or themes.


  • Free Forever Plan

1. QuillBot — Best Overall Article Summarizer

QuillBot is the way to go if you’re looking for a free tool to quickly summarize articles down to the main points. It is a web-based translation tool that assists you in summarizing all of the information and emphasizing the article’s main point.

Quillbot - Best AI Summarization Tools - itsaiworld

The program maintains the original context when summarizing articles using AI-based techniques and natural language processing (NLP). One feature I appreciated about the QuillBot tool was its two modes — Paragraphs and Key Sentences — which allow you to customize the summary format.


  • Paragraph Mode
    This option help you in summarizing the text in paragraph form. To adjust the length of the summary, utilize the summary length slider.
  • Key Sentences Mode
    This function provides a bulleted list of all key sentences. The summary length slider allows you to modify the number of bullets in the result.
  • Additional Tools
    QuillBot includes a paraphrase, plagiarism, and grammar checker to help you improve your summary.

Pros and Cons

  • QuillBot summarizer lets you copy-paste the text or upload the file from your computer.
  • The tool also highlights the sentences being used in the summary. 
  • You can pick the keywords to generate summaries of a specific theme.
  • Sometimes, there are some errors in the summarized text. 
  • The free plan offers limited words for a summary.
  • QuillBot does not offer AI content detection. 

Bottom Line

stands out as a free and efficient tool for quickly summarizing articles to their main points. This web-based translation tool employs AI-based techniques and natural language processing to maintain the original context during summarization. Notably, QuillBot offers two modes—Paragraphs and Key Sentences—that enable users to customize the summary format.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plans:
    • Monthly Plan: $19.95 per month
    • Semi-Annual Plan: $13.33 per month
    • Annual Plan: $8.33 per month

List of the Best Article Summary Generators 

Here is the List of Best AI Summarization Tools

  1. QuillBot
  2. SMMRY
  3. ChatGPT
  4. Summarizer.org
  5. Scholarcy
  6. Resoomer
  7. TLDR This
  8. Jasper
  9. Genei
  10. Study Crumb
  11. Paraphraser.io
  12. PrepostSEO Summarizing Tool
  13. Rephrase
  14. Sassbook
  15. Frase

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